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Crime in Car Insurance


Crime is not the monopoly of crime. In any insurance, the term “evil” can also be found. As long as there is a gap and opportunity to cheat. Insurance crime or fraud occurs when people cheat the insurance company or agent to collect money to which he is not entitled. Likewise, insurance agents and can also become disappointed or each consumer. Insurance fraud can be “hard” or “soft.”

Hard Crime – Someone deliberately fakes an accident, injury, theft, arson or other loss to illegally collect money from an insurance company. Usually the thugs acting on their own, but often organized crime gangs simulate large traps that millions of dollars are stolen.

Soft Crime – Honest people usually tell “white lies” to the insurance company. Many consider them to pretend without consequence. But soft fraud is a crime, and increases the cost of insurance paid by all. Consider the following …

The owner of a car increases the claim of a minor clash so that the deductible is met, or reports fewer miles than they actually drive each year to reduce the annual auto insurance premium … The owner of a home increases the value of stereo equipment was stolen … or a printing reports fewer employees who actually has to pay less for insurance premiums accidents.