Grilles and rain guards for cars


Grilles are window like metal gratings or a system of bars, used in automotive vehicles like cars, trucks and SUVs in order to protect the engine and other parts of the vehicle that are present on the front end. It also serves as a ventilator allowing air to pass through it to cool down the engine. The front end of a car gets noticed the most and can be custom made to make it look very attractive.

There are car owners who are very particular in personalizing their cars and want their cars look unique. And the grilles that are used to protect the front end, alone give the owner of the car an opportunity to custom design according to his interest. There different types of custom car grilles like billet grilles, chrome grilles and the stainless grilles which are made from stainless, aluminum and chrome. Out of which, Billet grilles are the most commonly used custom car grilles that are easy to maintain. They are suitable for all brands of cars and come in various designs, colors and styles.It becomes very tough for us to drive the car in highways during heavy winds and rains.

Rain waters by falling on the front glass and hood of the car creates a blurred vision of the road and makes it difficult for us to drive properly and so we need to have wind and rain deflectors attached to the front hood and sun roofs of our cars. These wind and rain deflectors also known as rain guards can be activated using a switch and helps us to drive safely by pushing aside the water and other dust particles falling on the front glass screen to the other side of the car. Wind and rain deflectors have become common car accessories and are available according to the different car brands and makes. These Rain deflectors or guards can be bought as an accessory while buying the car itself or can be bought separately later and fitted with the car. There are many videos available online teaching us how to fit the rain deflectors to the car.