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Must visit heritage site during an Indonesia travel


These days, we could see that traveling once in a while is becoming a part of global culture and due to an increase in number of travel sites people are able to get more knowledge and awareness on the various good places to travel across the globe. As there are different places to travel to and choose from based on the travel interests of people the traveling aspect could become more expensive to go to one destination just cover one specific travel interest and instead of that travelers should choose to go for travel destinations where they can cover their various travel interests like visiting islands, beaches, nature, culture and historical interests, and many more in just one place. Indonesia, the island nation is one such place that is ideal and suits the interests of all kinds of travelers.

Not only for sightseeing right from travel visa to accommodation, food and local transportation, and many more aspects of Indonesia makes it a tourists friendly nation. In Indonesia, a tourist visa upon arrival option is there and based on your time of stay you will be given a certain time period visa validity, hence no need to worry about the hassles to get a travel visa to this great country.

Upon arrival, there are many good places to stay and infact there are some good world class luxury and star hotels available, it is better to prebook your rooms over online in hotel sites. With a travel plan, just by making use of local transportation and other local flights and boats you can visit many places in and around the country and fly to Bali, Sumatra and such nearby islands.

Indonesia is known to be a repository of many heritage sites such as temples and monuments. People with a taste for ancient history and exotic cultural sites will definitely like theĀ borobudur temple, it is one of the biggest Buddhist’s temples that can be seen in the world and is an UNESCO heritage site. It is an 8th century temple, which is in shape of a lotus flower. It is situated at the kedu plain, in central Java. This is one of the most stunning monuments which 100s of Buddha statues on its walls and the wall running upto a length of eight thousand five hundred ft. This is one of the few places which people of all age groups would love due to the fascination created by big structures.