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How to deal with Private Property Motor Vehicle Accidents ?


In the past few years there has been a significant increase in the usage of vehicles by people and as the number of vehicles goes up in the same proportion the chances or probabilities of accidents also goes up. Hence, there is a considerable increase in the risk associated with driving vehicles. Though, the Department of Motor Vehicles of every state has come up with stringent driving tests still the number of accidents has not reduced. And when we say vehicle accidents these are not just car accidents but also includes trucks, bikes, nonstandard vehicle accidents.

private-property-car-accident-1024x308Research shows that most of the vehicle accidents are done by people in adult age groups and elderly or senior people. Reckless driving is expected among adult age groups and poor focus and concentration is the reason for accidents caused by senior citizens. In spite of consequences for poor driving skills through tickets the road accidents are not reduced or controlled. And vehicle accidents are not only restricted to roads and there are times where the accident can extent the damage or impact to private properties of people and these are known as private property vehicle accidents.

Unlike road accidents when it comes private property vehicle accidents though the chances of casualties or injuries or loss of human lives is almost none or rare few cases but still the complications are more and the financial impact of damage is high. Also, there might be so much of arbitration done when it comes to settlement and lot of negotiations needed. Hence, the need for a lawyer is more when it comes to private property motor vehicle accidents. Claiming for insurance is also complicated for private property vehicle accidents and necessary coverage should be there in place.

Most of the private property accidents can be related to parking lot accidents where the chances of accident is high and the damages could be right from mild scratches or dent to even loss of parts to own vehicle and to other vehicle or objects due to collision. And in many cases there is a lack of clarity on filing of the accident with police as these happen in private properties and hence this can be dealt in this way, that is when there is an ask from insurance companies when a claim is made for private property vehicle accident for the filing of a report with police then it might be required if not then it is not needed.

A legal help from a lawyer could be very useful in documenting the private party accidents so that there wont be any miss outs on basic information and also we can ensure cooperation of both the parties involved. And this also helps a lot in making an insurance claim too. If your jurisdiction demands that a filing of documentation is necessary even in cases of private property accidents then do it without fail and provide the basic details on driver, vehicle information and on the accident details.